So many facets of a business are related when it comes to technology that it helps to have experts capable of assisting you in making the most of it. I can provide a wide variety of services, from upgrading your existing systems and programs to setting up a new, networked office from scratch.

I cover both business and home offices, Mac and PC. Not only do I bring in the new, but I can also perform maintenance and upkeep on older systems, making them run as efficiently as possible.

Looking to upgrade or have a custom built system?
Using the latest trusted hardware in computer technology I can provide you with an outstanding product that I guarantee will keep you satisfied for the following years to come. All of our installations and builds come with our 1-year servicing warranty. If you find that your hardware isn’t functioning as required, I will come repair it or have it replaced.*

At Weird Mike I provide the station center to build your new computer system and provide installation and upgrade of software with each project. I can also provide full technical support. If you have any difficulty with the factory-standard instructions or tutorials, I can help you by offering you customized instruction, up to and including rewriting manuals and instructions, or creating video instructions or PDF documents. These solutions are not limited, and can be created for your company to deliver to your clients and customers as well.

Tutoring can also be created in a step-by-step program that can be installed on a computer as well. I offer both on and offline support through chat programs, in person, and via phone.

I take the time to learn for you.

These are a few of the extensive services I can provide you with:

  • Computer Repair and Virus Removal
  • Computer Equipment Installations
  • Custom Computer Builds for both home and business
  • Data Recovery
  • Computer Networking
  • Network Solutions
  • Hideaway Systems
  • Computer Cleanings
  • Hardware Replacements and Upgrades
  • Laptop Repairs
  • Workstation Support for Data Centers
  • Home and Business Server Builds and Installations
*Replacements are only good if the device isn’t functioning from my handling. If the product is malfunctioning due to installation of new hardware/software without having made sure it’s completely compatible with your device, that would void my service warranty*