This project was for a local bar that had the DJ known as Singularity showing up for a night and wanted to add some production value to show. So I spent close to an entire month working on a 3D set of planets using Maxon's Cinema 4D. These are a few pieces of the pie.
Broken Planet first design
Broken Planet with particle effects test render using TurbulanceFD.
Particle test render using TurbulanceFD
Additional Broken Planet particle render.
Light render of Broken Planet
Broken Planet fly through 1
This is a early stage of the final result I had in mind for Broken Planet with debris
Broken Planet fly through with particle effects
Planet Vu
Planet Vu additional angle
Custom footage for the screen on Planet Vu
3D render for the screen material on Planter Vu
Final Planet Vu render
Hollow Planet render test
Kronos beginning
Kronos Stage 1 - rendered with animated materials and 2 sets of Hair with extra thickness and stiffness
Kronos Stage 2
Kronos Stage 3 - toned done the Hair amount as well as increasing the displacement of the materials
Kronos Stage 4 (final) - I ended up creating a gyro look for this in the end/ Complete with smaller animated objects along one of the rings which all rings were animated in their spin cycles using xPresso
Kronos Stage 4 (final) test render
Kronos Stage 4 (final) - Wireframe hardware render with title
Additional promotional work after the project