This will be the track used for the first trailer of Peak of Eternity. It was created by Splendid Angst.
Peak of Eternity
 One Thing at a Time

Time. Time seems to be an idea that creates a huge platform for creativeness. It dabbles with sciences that stem from both actual discoveries and those that are only alive in fiction and theory.

Peak of Eternity is a science fiction story built on the knowledge we humans have learned about time and space. Though we haven't begun to tap the true nature of time and how it fully works and how we could possibly manipulate it to our advantages, POE brings to life a world in which such possibilities have become a reality.

Imagine a world where only a small group of scientists have learned the ability to travel through time.
Yes, we've all heard, seen and read about such stories already.

Take everything you've known about this and flush it away.
POE takes time and space to a whole different level, actually multiple levels, inside other levels.
With POE you don't get one straight forward storyline, but instead a huge list of them intertwined amongst each other. It clashes together different theories and ideas from more than just time and space itself. It brings in religious beliefs and myths, sciencies and nature.

Basically POE is one giant mess of ideas blended together to create a story so separated from the norm it's hard to keep together but we keep it inline so well that it's hard to get confused.

The storyline is built off of other great series such as LOST, Fringe, and Stargate. Creatively as Hellboy, Minority Report and City of Lost Children.Though it's not entirely needed, the scale of imagination berths itself from stories like the Matrix, Dark City, Inception and Sunshine. Plenty of video games and comic (a list much to big to list) have also played a vital role in storyline development.
  The Team
 The team for POE still needs to be developed.
If you would like to become a part of this team, whether on or off location, this is a list of what's needed for the project:
We already have a local crew taking care of other areas for the project as well.
 The Goal 
The purpose behind making POE into a reality is to build a strong team of creative specialists for future projects and to update or advance the teams knowledge for a project like this.
We will be creating a website solely to promote the project as well as to credit and promote everyone involved.
The main company behind POE is Splendid Angst.
Splendid Angst is a mainly a web development and graphic design company, though has plenty of ideas to try and help any artist in need of proper exposure and is always willing to help out anyone else in need without any hidden agenda.
Other stories and concepts have already been put into order but have been set aside for POE to flourish first.
Upon finishing POE, we plan to distribute the series on DVD, create and sell merchandise for collective and promotional purposes. Downloads from the website will be free, though donations will always be accepted.
I, Michael Karle, will be devoting all my time to making this small dream a reality. I will be funding this project with more time than the rest of the team as well as money where I can afford to apply it aside from bills and what have you.
ALL the proceeds of the project will be exactly divided among everyone involved in bringing Peak of Eternity into a reality.
All new creature designs have arrived!
Creature design by Sarah Cascadden
Creature design by Sarah Cascadden
Creature Design by Sarah Cascadden
All new character designs created!
All Character Designs by Cesar Torres (unless noted)
Original concept helmet art by Weird Mike
Original concept chest art by Weird Mike