Nothing succeeds like success.

The founder of Weird Mike, Mike, was once a guy in a room designing websites for local artists and musicians.  He had a philosophy that was different, however. Music, like any business, it was important that the website conveys creativeness and success. He found that many indie music sites were just a bunch of tracks and an event page.  When it came to site design, all the local web design firms were either too expensive or weren’t offering much in the way of site design. Sound familiar?

Mike began offering website design that was affordable by leveraging resources and adding team members who excelled in their fields.  Weird Mike was born. Word of mouth leads to more projects in other industries By merging great design with branding, messaging and content, even a business whose previous presence was just a line item on google local was now able to have a website to set them apart from the competition.  Never again will a perfectly good small or medium business have to settle for a mediocre site.

Our Skills

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